Vaseem Mohammed | Fine Artist| Sculptor |  (c)2017
Vaseem Mohammed | Fine Artist| Sculptor | (c)2017

...a little bit about Vaseem Mohammed

Growing up in the East End of London Vaseem has always been interested in shapes, textures and atmospheres of his urban childhood. This fascination developed into a vocational interest in art during his mid twenties when he enrolled at a local College undertake a foundation course in Art & Design and then the following year he studied Graphics and Creative Computing & Illustration. Although mainly self taught he then freelanced as a graphic designer through which he found his niche in fine art which he has concentrated on for the past 20 or so years.

Vaseem launched his work at The Old Spitalfields market in 1997 as part of an artists collective ‘Alternative arts’ and remained there for 4 years before moving on to open his own gallery nearby (2000), in the creative hub of Cheshire Street London E1 off brick Lane.

Some of his work has been sold/auctioned through Sotheby's. Distinguished projects include: painting an 8 piece collection for Mohammed Bin Issa Al Jabar's MBI international private jet; producing Qur'anic manuscripts & Qu'ran bindings used as props for a film, Red-light Runners (Directed by Michael Madsen).

Collectors of Vaseem's original paintings include Ted Baker founder Ray Kelvin, Chris Evans, Robert Elms Writer & broadcaster BBC Radio London, Amir Khan British Boxer, Seyyed Mohammad Khatami (Former president of Iran), actress & Humanitarian Laila Rouass, Nahid Majid OBE, amongst many other institutions, museums & galleries.

Diversification, fatherhood, changes in personal space, and the dynamics of political Islam have all affected his work, yet the previously mentioned elements and themes are all still ever present in different personas.

The latest art which Vaseem has been doing is a change from his usual work. His palette and style resembles more of a Persian or Islamic miniature art but strips it down in isolating the subject matter(s) which he uses as a metaphor for an event or an emotion which he has experienced or been effected by.

He draws on the idea of although things can look beautiful and hopeful, there is always an underlying message of a journey of struggle to achieve ones goal.

The art tries to evoke ‘Hope out of adversity’, in an emotional or a physical struggle but at the end we turn to something more higher in a spiritual sense to find a balance in our lives.

His paintings & sculpture have become more of a platform for a political expression (although sometimes not obvious), drawing from imagery of bombings, war and war torn cities which have all left their consequences, displacing and severing humanity.

Vaseem lives in London where he works from his studio in Bow. He regularly exhibits & curates his work, undertakes commissions and is involved in various ongoing projects.

Please contact Vaseem for further info, purchasing or to arrange a Viewing at his studio (by appointment).

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