Spitalfields 2016-17
Spitalfields 2016-17

Solo Exhibition at 'The Old Soup Kitchen, Brune Street, Spitalfields, London Nov-Dec 2016. Curated by Vaseem Mohammed.

Interview: Solo Exhibition | Spitalfields | December 2016

Vaseem Mohammed's exhibition of paintings at ‘The Old Soup Kitchen’ in Brune Street Spitalfields, is for him looking back at his London heritage & his memories of growing up in a derelict post war East London.

He remembers the diaspora of communities who were all struggling to come to terms in adjusting in a new found city, trying to make a living to survive.

Consequences of persecution, war & for economic reasons has always been a migratory factor for a people to migrate to find safety and protection, many settling in Londons Eastend which included my parents who settled nearby in Wapping in the early 1960s.

The building once used for the Jewish Poor was originally set up to help provide food and help to the Jews fleeing from pogroms, who were arriving in London with no money and no immediate prospect of employment.

The flower art which Vaseem has been doing is a change from his usual work. His palette and style resembles more of a Persian or Islamic miniature art but strips it down in isolating the subject matter(s) which he uses as a metaphor for an event or an emotion which he has experienced or been effected by.

He draws on the idea of although things can look beautiful and hopeful, there is always an underlying message of a journey of struggle to achieve ones goal.

His Flower art tries to evoke ‘Hope out of adversity’, in an emotional or a physical struggle but at the end we turn to something more higher in a spiritual sense to find a balance in our lives.

One painting ‘The Light & The Woundis a homage to Rumi’s “The wound is a place where the light enters you”. In this painting the power of light (moon) is reflected in the flower as it levitated towards the light…the light of a higher being for him namely God. The Vase is ‘us’ sometimes filled and other times empty which in a spiritual sense can be equated to the state human condition of today.

(C)2019 Vaseem Mohammed Fine Artist